HNG internship

My goals and Objectives for the HNG Internship program

Hey guys, I’m Samson but you can call me Sammie_kt. So I recently applied to an internship program called HNG Internship which was organised this year by Zuri and we were asked to write about our goals and what we want to achieve by the end of the program (duration of the program is 8 weeks).

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Check out my nickname shweet right? I added kt to it because of the love I have for the Kotlin language


As for goals, all I really want to do is learn. I’ve been doing native android for over a year now and I really enjoyed it but I’ll like to try out other technologies. Flutter is at the top of my list and the fact that it was created by my favorite company makes it more interesting. So for the duration of the program, I want to give my all to learning flutter.

Fun fact: I have no idea about the Flutter framework or even the language (Dart) it uses. Omo this promises to be fun, starting out as a complete beginner in a program I heard is very competitive😂😂😂.


So that’s it for goals; just learning. At the end of the program, I’d really like to move from beginner status to intermediate using the flutter technology. I won’t really be learning in the first week as I’m currently writing exams.

One more thing I think I’ll be writing about what I learned per week just to make the experience fun filled.

Tutorial links

As part of the requirements for this article, we were asked to provide some tutorial links.

Git & Github: Amigos code on YT, Gill Cleeren on Pluralsight

Figma: Ovalay Academy on YT, Traversy Media on YT

Kotlin: Don Felker’s kotlin course


Yeah that’s it for this article. Thanks for coming to my TedTalk(not really but you get abi?). Omo I actually forgot about the shirt we’d win at the end of the program. I must win that shirt by all means necessary just show you guys that perseverance and determination is my ninja way(if you’re a Naruto fan you’d understand). Once again, T for Tenks 😉.



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